Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences
Institute of Physics

AJP Fizika vol. XIX, 2013 № 01 en

13 March 2018

AJP Fizika vol. XIX, 2013 № 01 en


1. Atomic-force Microscopy of Van-Der Waals surface of layered crystals by GaSe andGaSe types А.М. Pashayev, B.G. Тagiyev, R.А. Ibragimov, А.А. Safarzade

2. Analysis of main artifacts in scanning probe microscopy (II)S.D. Аlekperov93. Solution of generalization of principal chiral field problem for the high rank semisimplealgebras M.A. Mukhtarov

4. Influence of temperature and doping with rare-earth elements on electrophysical parameters ofАIIIBVI crystals with layered structure A.Sh. Abdinov, R.F. Babayeva, N.A. Ragimova, R.M. Rzayev, S.I. Amirova

5. Characterization of electrical, optical and morphological properties of CuInSe2 thin filmsexposed to plasma treatment K. Koseoglu, S. Acar, B.G. Salamov, T.G. Mammadov and F. Dagdelen

6. Dielectric relaxation and conduction of TlInTe2 crystal subjected to radiation exposure R.М. Sardarli, О.А. Samedov, Р.Sh. Аgayeva, А.P. Аbdullayev, F.Т. Salmanov,S.Ph. Samedov

7. Theoretical conformational analysis of piperazine-2,3,5,6-tetraone Metin Bilge, Yenal Gökpek, Mahir Tursun, Nesrin Emir and Cemal Parlak

8. Phase transitions and their co-existence in the TlGaSe2 - TlCoS2 system N.Z. Gasanov, Mir-Hasan Yu. Seyidov, R.Z. Sadykhov, F.M. Seyidov, R.G. Veliyev,Yu.G. Asadov, E.M. Kerimova, A.A. Isayeva, K.M. Huseynova

9. Influence of small particles on electrohydrodynamic instability in the nematic liquid crystal T.D. Ibragimov, Ch.O. Qajar, Sh.Yu. Samedov, G.M. Bayramov

10. Creating of ordered porous anodic alumina templates on glass substrates Sh.O. Eminov, Kh.D. Jalilova, A.A. Rajabli, G.Kh. Mamedova, J.A. Guliyev,Z.I. Badalova

11. Decrease in risk erroneous classification the multivariate statistical data describing thetechnical condition of the equipment of power supply systems E.M. Farhadzadeh, Y.Z. Farzaliyev, A.Z. Muradaliyev

12. The nonequilibrium radiative states in external constant and alternating magnetic fields E.R. Hasanov, B.Z. Aliyev

13. Piezoelectric properties of polymer composite dielectricsM .A. Kurbanov, A.A. Bayramov, T.G. Mammadov, M.M. Kuliev

14. Electrophysical properties of photodiode on the base of iridium-silicon silicideE .А. Kerimov

15. Characterization of lyotropic liquid crystalline phases formed in sodium dodecylsulphate/octanol/water ternary lyotropic system Emir Haliki, Ozgur Masalci and Nadide Kazanci

16. The analysis of series resistance and interface state density distributions of Au/TiO2/n-Simetal-insulator-semiconductor structures at room temperature Murat Sel, Ahmet Asimov, Elchin Huseynov